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2022 As We See It: Mapping Out The Year Ahead

There was a time when supply chains professionals were very happy to work behind the scenes. But times have changed dramatically over the last two years. As we gradually edge towards recovery, our industry has been thrust into the spotlight, where it will remain as businesses and consumers worldwide learn how the things we do – little and big – impact on them day in, day out.

It is clearer than ever that a resilient, digitally driven supply chain sector is fundamental to building a more stable and sustainable post-pandemic world. As a business, HAVI is in a strong position – and proud – to lead the conversation about the most effective ways to reimagine supply chains for a better future. A future without container shortages, congested ports, supply chain disruption, rising costs. And, of course, the pandemic.

Put simply: our time is now.

With this in mind, we have produced an infographic to help us to map the way ahead during an exciting year for our industry – and our business.

The infographic can be downloaded below and acts as a visual summary of where we are right now, the opportunities before us and the challenges we are likely to face as we reimagine supply chains over the next 12 months. With growth in mind, it groups our priorities around four key strategic themes: accelerating digital, innovating for success, leading the sustainability agenda and – above all – empowering people.

HAVI Supply Chain team perspectives - The Year Ahead 2022
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In the months ahead, we will be inviting our HAVI Team of experts to further explore each of these business-critical areas on Supply Chains Reimagined, an online forum dedicated to providing authoritative insights into the opportunities, challenges and shifts in supply chains around the world.

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