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7 Questions You Need To Ask About Food Packaging In The Next Normal

In late 2020, we hosted a supply chain insights webinar in Asia. The event was part of our continuing efforts to facilitate an industry-wide conversation about how to collectively build a safe, sustainable future for our sector. During his presentation, Swami SV, our Senior Director, Sustainability, Packaging Development, and Innovation, spoke on the topic of Unwrapping The Packaging Momentum in Asia. The seven key questions he raised are still as relevant today as they were during the first year of the pandemic.

1. Are your packaging designs and handling processes contactless-ready?

It’s essential that your packaging is designed and formatted to minimize contact points between people handling packages.

2. Are you automation-ready?

One way to minimize contact between humans and products is automation. But you can’t automate unless you design and use the right packaging.

3. Is your packaging secure and hygienic?

Safety and hygiene awareness among consumers has risen dramatically since the pandemic broke. To win their trust, you need to keep abreast of important innovations in packaging security.

4. Is your packaging right-sized for its purpose?

Consumers are equally sensitive to sustainability issues, including the challenges around waste disposal. Which makes it more important than ever to ensure your products are not over-packaged.

5. Is packaging part of your digital journey?

As the shift to digital accelerates, embedding technologies such as near-field communication and augmented reality into your packaging offers memorable, exciting ways to engage customers.

6. Does your packaging meet regulations and compliance standards?

The pressure to meet regulations and standards has risen to a new level since the start of 2020. Building compliance into packaging from the concept and design stage is fundamental.

7. Above all, is your packaging planet-friendly?

Consumers want food that is produced, packaged, and delivered with the planet in mind. Listen closely to their concerns, because they will continue to shape the future of packaging.

Check out the presentation – in full

It’s well worth listening to the details of Swami SV’s insights in full. Grab a coffee and spend the next 13-minutes learning about this fascinating topic.

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