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Lessons Learnt From Our Early Industry-Wide Survey Still Relevant Today

Updated: Jan 27

When the pandemic struck in early 2020, it soon became obvious that our industry would never be the same again. We quickly seized the opportunity to start rebuilding for the future by surveying industry professionals on what the next normal should look like. Their answers have stood the test of time and offer important guidance on handling a pandemic that continues to evolve.

We launched the survey as part of our continuing efforts to facilitate an industry-wide conversation about how to collectively build a safe, sustainable future for our sector. It targeted supply chain managers, procurement specialists, and marketing professionals in our customers' businesses, plus contacts in the broader industry. We were particularly interested in capturing their insights into three areas: restarting operations, securing supply, and prioritizing safety. 

The survey highlighted some fascinating trends and exciting possibilities as well as potential challenges. Many of the answers we received are still very relevant today. There was a strong consensus, for example, that digital technology will play a major part in shaping our next normal with a particular emphasis on digital tools that support social distancing and contactless deliveries. Other trends include smaller menus and the introduction of cloud (or virtual) kitchens. Major concerns included costs while priorities included understanding and responding to changing customer behaviour.

As new Covid-19 variants emerge, it’s clear that the next normal conversation is likely to go on for some time to come. That’s why we remain committed to reimagining the supply chain. If you would like to download the 2020 report, see below.
HAVI - Next Normal Survey Results - External (issued 18 June 2020)
Download PDF • 7.35MB

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